The Dress

Lily Fitzpatrick loves vintage – clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories – things made all the more precious because once they were owned and loved by another woman.  Thousands follow her vintage fashion blog and her daily #WhatLilyWears Instagram feed.


But this passion for the beautiful clothes of the past is about to have unforeseen consequences, when Lily stumbles upon the story of a 1950s New York beauty, who was not only everything Lily longs to be, but also shares Lily’s surname.


Joy Fitzpatrick was a legend.  But what was the famous dress which she once commissioned – said to be so original that nothing in couture would ever match it again?  What happened to it – and why did Joy Fitzpatrick suddenly disappear from New York high society?


The Dress interweaves the dramatic story of Joy, the beautiful but tortured socialite and that of Lily – determined to uncover the truth and, if possible, to bring back to life the legendary dress itself.


Filmmaker Louise Leverett INTERVIEWS Kate’s about the inspiration behind The Dress.






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